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Chartered Accountants NZ: Worldwide assistance for those requiring commercial advice or accounting services from New Zealand

Chartered Accountants NZIf you have a business or are an individual based outside New Zealand and are looking for trusted chartered accounting services, together with sound commercial advice for an NZ initiative, then let us at KPMG NZ help you.

We work daily with a range of organisations and individuals to assist them with their NZ based requirements. If you are:

  • Organising a tender or a major project in NZ
  • Relocating key employees or contractors to NZ
  • Looking to establish a subsidiary or branch in NZ
  • Acquiring a business in NZ
  • Wanting guidance about managing a business in NZ

Then we can help you achieve your goals in the context of doing business with and from New Zealand.

As chartered accountants and business advisory specialists based in NZ, we are highly skilled with a depth of specialist resource to assist you in a variety of areas such as:

  • Providing an overview of your New Zealand tax obligations
  • Helping you to establish and operate through a tax efficient structure
  • Reporting compliance for subsidiaries and branches of overseas owned operations to meet the legal requirements of the Companies and Financial Reporting Acts
  • Tax compliance to observe the filing requirements for the Inland Revenue Service and authorities such as the New Zealand Customs Service, if relevant
  • Advice and compliance support for individuals including key employees and contractors, and tax aspects of their remuneration packages
  • Establishing transfer pricing policies and advice regarding their ongoing management
  • Independently verified  and timely financial reporting to supply to overseas head offices as required
  • Objective analysis of business performance including trend analysis, margin opportunities and cost base reviews to identify areas for profit improvement
  • Advising on acquisitions in NZ  for companies or entrepreneurs looking to emigrate
  • Valuation and capital raising for NZ acquisitions

More than Chartered Accountants NZ

If you are looking for a NZ based chartered accountant who can ALSO deliver insight and experience far beyond normal accounting and tax compliance matters, then we would like to hear from you.

Deal with us and you’ll receive the depth of capability you would expect from KPMG, but you will also experience the value of specialist NZ-specific advisory services that are uniquely designed to assist those outside of New Zealand.

Go ahead and arrange a no obligation initial consultation by telephone.  Alternatively you can use our free “Ask a Question” service and get a response from our Advisory team.

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